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How to shop for a mattress


Crib28" X 52"
Twin38" X 74"
Full53" X 74"
Cal King72" X 84"
Eastern King76" X 80"


Super Single48" X 82"
Queen58" X 82"
King70" X 82"


Size of room and amount of furniture in it.
Number of people to sleep in mattress. For example: when you have visitors to your guest room; are they usually couples?
Sheets: if you already own 8 sets of queen sheets you may not wish to switch to a full size.


Prorated: if you have a problem halfway through the warranty you need to pay ½ of the repair cost.
Non-Prorated: Problems are repaired FREE of charge for the full length of the warranty.


Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and shoes that can easily come off.


Shop at specialty mattress stores, they generally have lower mark-ups than department stores and furniture stores.


If you are like most people, finances are of paramount concern. So don’t mortgage the farm to buy a mattress for a guest bedroom that only gets used three weeks per year. A deluxe pillow top is overkill for your four year old daughter who requires very little support for her amount of weight. Pennies a day is all even an expensive master bedroom mattress costs over the life of the mattress. A good mattress is probably the best bargain in your home. You only have one back.


Your initial focus should be finding the firmest mattress that still feels comfortable to you. To this end lie down on as many mattresses as you can, as you would at home i.e. Back sleepers should repose on their backs.


Once you find a mattress you like, learn as much information about it as you can.
  1. Manufacture: It does not have to come from one of the household name brand companies to be a good mattress. You can frequently get more mattress for less money from one of the lesser known, but still reputable mattress manufacturers. One does not want to have to pay for name, big advertising budgets, and sales reps.
  2. Coil Unit: Leggett & Platt makes about 93% of all innerspring units used by American manufacturers. Your sales person will tell you the coil count and gauge of unit. A lower gauge number corresponds to a thicker wire. Thick high coil count spring units tend to hold up better. Individually wrapped coil units reduce transfer of motion and tend to mold to the shape of your body.
  3. Padding: The padding is usually made of several materials, among them polyurethane foam, puffed up polyester, memory foam, latex and cotton batting. Your salesperson should have a demo bun of the mattress you are interested in. With it he can explain what type of padding, coil unit, and mattress cover your mattress of interest possesses.
  4. Cover: Try and choose a ticking that is thick and wears well such as Damask with a design that is woven in and not printed on. The thinner synthetics can be susceptible to tears and snags.
  5. New Box Spring? YES!: If your mattress is worn out the odds are that your box spring is too. Putting a new mattress on a box spring that is shot will decrease the life of your new mattress. Such actions usually invalidate the manufacturers warranty.
  6. Pillow Top: Pillow Tops have an extra layer of foam, wool, silk, memory foam or latex. They are generally thicker, softer, and more expensive than tight tops. Pillow Tops usually require "Deep Pocket Sheets" which cost a little more than regular sheets. Pillow Top's are becoming increasingly popular as they can create a very plush opulent sleeping experience. The extra soft pillow top's tend to be more susceptible to sagging or body impressions. Make sure that the pillow top your interested in is beefed up in the center third and around the edge of the mattress. The reasoning is that most of your body weight is in the center part of your body; and people tend to sit on the perimeter of the mattress.


Observe the temperament and degree of helpfulness on the part of the sales staff with you, the other customers and among themselves. Do they really care about serving you or are they in it for the commission? Will they accommodate you based on your personal needs i.e. same day delivery. Do they bend over backwards trying to find the best possible mattress for your body?


Getting the right mattress is more important than getting the right price. However, free delivery, free frame, and even negotiation on price is not uncommon in the industry.


If you are not comfortable with your mattress selection, most stores will allow you to exchange it for another mattress as long as it is within a reasonable period of time. Check for store policy before you purchase.


Frequently manufacturers will create identical mattress with different names and mattress covers. This tactic is an attempt to confuse the customer.


  1. Four step manufacturing process:
    1. Open up old mattress and remove foam
    2. Sterilize springs (frequently not done as this equipment is expensive)
    3. Put new foam in (usually done)
    4. Put new ticking on
  2. How to tell if it is rebuilt
    1. Ask the sales person
    2. Should be a red tag on the mattress
    3. Lift mattress. New mattresses are stiff while rebuilt mattresses bend easily
    4. Lift dust cover off and check box spring for the following three things.
      1. Two different colored staples
      2. Remnants of old material
      3. Corrosion in springs
Avoid rebuilt mattresses - at best you’re getting a coil unit that someone else has thrown out. At worst you have a health hazard on your hands. There is little price difference between a stores rebuilt and their least expensive new mattress.